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Contractor Solutions 

Fix the Streets 

Contractors are the heartbeat of the revitalization efforts in many urban communities. Often times the inability to find continued work makes it difficult for many small contracting companies to retain employees and grow their business. At REMEFY we want to keep you busy. 


As a Contractor in our Network you will be able to be a first responder of sorts. Our clients will be able to connect directly to you when they are in need of estimates for rehab projects. You will also be able to partner with other contractors in order to form a team! Imagine being a roofer and partnering with a plumber, electrician, and general contractor to create a project team and finish projects faster and gain more work! 

1. Join our list of Contractors 

2. Gain exposure to Markets 

3. Get the Permits that you need faster 

4. Certification with the City and grow with our networks 

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