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Android Studio Emulator Vcpu Shutdown Request

I had this exact same problem. The only solution I could find was to use an android emulator called Bluestacks. Note that Bluestacks must be running before android studio starts in order for it to show up in the virtual machine list when running your app.

Android Studio Emulator Vcpu Shutdown Request

Download Zip:

Results:AVD window displays. No "Android" text appears.Android Run screen initially displays log entries that look positive, but then shows many instances of "VCPU shutdown request".This goes on indefinitely, for hours if I leave it.Virtual device stays "black" forever.

Then, those that made it print "VCPU shutdown request" repeatedly and quit, immediately or after a couple of seconds at most, except where noted. I put an indication of the number of messages into curly braces.Q64 -machine q35,accel=hax -cpu max manyQ64 -machine q35,accel=hax -cdrom \!S\Win10-1709-PE_Custom.isoQ64 -machine q35 -cdrom \!S\Win10_1709_German_x32.iso -m 512 -accel hax very manyQ64 -machine q35 -cdrom \!S\Win10_1709_German_x32.iso -m 512 -accel hax -cpu max very manyQ64 -cdrom \!S\Win10_1709_German_x32.iso -m 512 -accel hax just twoQ64 -cdrom \!S\TinyCore_10-1.iso -m 512 -accel hax -cpu max a coupleQ64 -cdrom \!S\Win10_1709_German_x32.iso -m 512 -cpu Icelake-Client-v1 -accel hax twoQ64 -cdrom \!S\Win10_1709_German_x32.iso -m 512 -cpu IvyBridge-v1 -accel hax twoQ64 -cdrom \!S\Win10_1709_German_x32.iso -m 512 -cpu pentium -accel hax threeQ64 -cdrom \!S\Win10_1709_German_x32.iso -m 512 -cpu coreduo -accel hax a few

Anyways, WHPX is not available for Win8.1, but only starting with Win10 _1803_, they say: -us/xamarin/android/get-started/installation/android-emulator/hardware-acceleration?pivots=windows#accelerating-with-hyper-v

created a fresh project (super) and get same results as my dev project. both of them dump to console and the emulator never runs. I get a mem dump. Any ideas? tried removing android platform and readding it, also on a fresh project same results so not sure if theres something else I can do?

I waas able to get it to work by launching the emulator first, and then running the ionic command, it loads in and runs. (found that solution from another forum) Some bug saying to edit the cordova android node package and replace a regex that loads v26

Curious to know shouldnt we be using the latest Android SDK tools 26.1.1 rather then 25.2.5 so we can use the latest device manager that requires 26.1.1? _started/installation/android-emulator/xamarin-emulator-manager/

@NinaVyedin said: Device manager requires SDK tools 26, so it's a step forwards. _started/installation/android-emulator/xamarin-emulator-manager/ is the device manager I'm referring to, my team built it.


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