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The Gold Experience: Why This Is Prince's Best Album Ever

Integrative or complementary therapies including yoga, hypnosis, and relaxation training/paced respiration, as well as psychotherapeutic interventions such as mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) have been studied as effective treatments for stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain, blood pressure regulation, and a myriad of other emotional and physical difficulties experienced by breast cancer patients [8]. CBT, with its emphasis on cultivating adaptive cognitive schemas and reducing maladaptive behavioral patterns such as avoidance, is considered the gold-standard treatment for many of the symptoms of menopause, including emotional distress and insomnia [9]. In the past two decades, third wave CBT interventions have also been widely studied, placing more emphasis on the acceptance of negative emotions and sensations, as well as on focusing attention on the present moment, in a nonreactive manner. Mindfulness-based interventions, which are part of third-wave CBT, have been shown to yield significant improvements in stress and behavioral symptoms, as well as in inflammation markers among breast cancer patients [1]. Relaxation training was also studied and was shown to reduce the incidence, severity, and distress of hot flashes in women with primary breast cancer compared with controls [2]. However, while the interventions above show promise, there is still much room for improvement in developing novel ways to treat women with breast cancer. The present study focuses on a virtual reality treatment, examining its potential for alleviating the physical and emotional distress of this population.

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The VR design was created as a safe and tranquil space in which to fully embrace the VR experience. Each environment allowed Luna (our helper) to engage with the patient using CBT and mindfulness. Luna spoke with the patients, gently asking them questions regarding their current needs; allowing them greater control of their environments; and letting them decide how long to stay, what to do there, and where to go, all in an effort to increase the calming effect of the intervention.


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